A1A: Comprehensive Social Media Marketing.

A1A Advertising is your Social Media Partner of experienced strategists, campaign planners, community managers, content producers and creatives.
We are also your Digital Marketing Expert for online advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing and digital developments.


Strategy, strategy, strategy!

“Why social media?” Start by clarifying your audience’s needs, wants, challenges and media expending, and you will have the response. With a good strategy we will:
  • Be focused
  • Be consistent
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Creativity: Ideas to be Designed and Content creation!

Unique ideas set you apart from your competition. We all agree that “Content is King”, but we all also know that behind a great man there is a great woman: “Idea is Queen”.

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Strategy Implementation and Community Management

Our online conversations have become more sophisticated. More people, more platforms: different uses. Based on our strategy, having our content ready, we only have to follow the plan. “- Only???” A good Community Manager becomes fundamental. He/She:
  • Implements the plan in the selected Social Media Platforms.
  • Motivates people to take action: liking, sharing, commenting, etc. by engaging, cultivating, and managing the community.
  • Listens to customers constantly to measure and learn.

Lead Generation & Online media buying

To build awareness of social media presences and integrate social with traditional media we design ads purchase and we create optimized landing pages, build Facebook contests and customs apps and tabs, etc.!

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Monitoring and reporting

There are many social media statistics you can track, but it’s important to track the data specific to your business’s use of social media.

Track the right metrics for your community and you’ll better understand how and when to share information, as well as what type of content drives the most traffic to your website.


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We are located in Miami, so if you want to know more about our services do not hesitate to contact us. We will show you some examples of our work and you will get very impressed…